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The story about tomtomBABY & tomtomMAMA

Green Spirit har ført merket i Norge siden 2008, med stor suksess! Her er historien om hvordan det hele startet, hvordan tomtomBABY & tomtomMAMA kom til verden…


An idea is born!


It all began in November 2003 when, one by one of my friends broke the happy news to me, guess what: “I’m expecting a baby”! Birthe fell pregnant in November, in December it was Tanias and Sandras turn, and the crowning glory – after many arduous attempts – things worked out for Katja as well in March 2004. I was overjoyed in anticipation and tears welled up in my eyes as I pondered the privilege of being a part of these “great expectations”. But how could I convey my joy, my appreciation and my gratitude at these events? Needless to say, I was always there for them but what could I contribute apart from my moral support….?

Theodor Fontane said: “Love lives on sweet nothings!” I saw that we were surrounded by these on all sides but they never involved cosmetics or skincare. As a true cosmetics victim, I would always be the one giving my girlfriends tips and tricks on the latest cosmetics, skincare, makeup, etc. Now I wanted some extra special care products as gifts for my pregnant friends and the eagerly-awaited little darlings. So I set off on my quest for care products for expectant mums and contented babies. I did the rounds of all the shops – and I know a great many shops – but, alas, to no avail! I was not 100% convinced by anything, and found nothing that lived up to my expectations for my beloved pregnant friends and their babies. Was it really impossible to find natural care products tailored to the specific needs of mums and babies and at the same time credible on an emotional level and in terms of their effective action?

I was looking for something unique, affectionate, touching, enchanting and, most importantly of all, tenderly caring… I was looking for care that would get baby raptures of delight and gives mummy a sense of well being! I was confronted with an urgent need for action! Why not do it myself? They say creativity is born out of an unwillingness to put up with an unsatisfactory situation. With the know-how I had already accumulated in the cosmetics sector and the background of my marketing degree to draw upon, I felt in a position to be able to accomplish at least part of the task ahead.

Firstly I thought about the needs of my target group and the products that would be useful. The babies would need baby lotion, baby oil, nappy cream and wash gel. The mums would need massage oil, nipple cream as well as leg and foot gel. The only ingredients that would be considered for my care products were pure and natural skincare agents as defined by the BDIH. Once this part of the work was successfully completed, it was time to turn my ideas into visual reality.

As the days turned into weeks, I drew and drafted around the clock in a bid to create an emotional, loving and supremely appealing design and, above all, to phrase things in such a way that the end consumer would be able to appreciate the benefit of these products. The product came alive; an identity emerged. But there was still something missing – doesn’t an identity need a name? Since my husband Thomas was my greatest source of inspiration during this entire act of creation, and since he is my greatest personal achievement in life, it seemed appropriate to name this project, or line of baby/mum products, after him – Tom short for Thomas, hence tomtom!

Back to my friends, all four of whom have given birth to beautiful healthy daughters: Romy Anna Greta, Adriana Rene, Lara and Mara Phillis. Needless to say, I was the first at the hospital every time, armed with a liberal supply of tomtom BABY & tomtom MAMA products – eager to give my little darlings the best care in life right from the start. There are two things children should get from their parents roots and wings (Goethe) – I supply the care!!!

Antonija Snieders

Med dette håper vi at dere som ikke har lest om tomtomBABY & tomtomMAMA før, vil ta en ekstra titt på produktene nå, mens dere som allerede kjenner de bare får enda mer glede av produktene, som gave, og til dere selv og deres familie!

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